I had a lot of massage to treat an old neck injury. And then I had a Shiatsu – my first with Anne over 20 years ago. I was hooked. It’s give me better, sustainable relief long term. It leaves me deeply centred and relaxed. The fact you don’t need to undress (especially during winter) keeps it simple and hassle free. Shatisu with Anne is always a wholistic experience; her warmth, generosity, open spirit and caring nature are just some of the many things that I value.
— Kath Knight

Years of work stress began to negatively affect my body and interfere with my ability to think clearly. Having experimented with a range of therapies I found Shiatsu works best for me. With regular sessions I experience a feeling of fitness and wellbeing, and no longer have tightness and pain in my back. Best of all, I’m now able to play golf and my back remains pain free. I’m also able to work through prolonged stressful situations.
— Simon Kirk

A gentle tune up! Shiatsu really brings my energy levels up and helps me feel positive about life. Afterwards, everything feels right with the world. Regular shiatsu helps alleviate the arthritic pain in my knee, keeps me supple and, I feel, improves my circulation and digestion. Having a regular treatment leaves me feeling rested and makes me feel more able to cope with changing family dynamics.
— Peggy Herbert