What to expect


What do I wear?
Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing. For example, a sweatshirt, track pants and socks. You will remain clothed during the entire sesssion.

Can I eat or drink prior to a Shiatsu?
We recommend you do not eat heavily or drink alcohol two hours prior to your treatment.


What can I expect once I’m there?
First we will discuss your requirements and what you want from the session. Traditionally shiatsu is received lying clothed on a futon. However, if that is not comfortable or difficult, it is absolutely fine to receive shiatsu on a table (please advise at the time of your booking). Following your treatment, you can expect to feel both relaxed and energised.


What’s recommended after my treatment?
 For the full benefit of your Shiatsu, we recommend you avoid strenuous or stressful activities directly after your session and make sure you drink plenty of water.